Please read ALL the instructions before submitting anything.


Hogwash Comics Submissions Policy


Hogwash Comics accepts comic and zine proposals and art samples. Complete story proposals will take priority as we only play match-maker between writers and artists in very specific circumstances.


Submitting Art Samples


We do accept art samples on their own but samples with samples with proposals will be given priority. Feel free to send us links to online portfolios or social media accounts with your art, but they must be accompanied by attached art samples. Art submission emails that only contain links to social media or websites without art samples will be discarded.


Submitting Story Proposals


All proposals must have a full creative team on board. Writer-only proposals will not be reviewed.


Please note that Hogwash Comics will not review any scripts, story ideas, or proposals pertaining to properties currently being published by other companies or any property not owned by the submitter. So that means no Harry Potters, Deadpools, or Spidermans. Such material will be destroyed, probably in a fire.


To submit a proposal, the following items must be included in the email:

  • Logline: the elevator pitch, the most condensed version of your story possible.
  • Synopsis: while the logline piques the interest, the synopsis reveals more about the complexity of the proposal (100-200 words).
  • Art: two to four pieces of concept art for the proposal.



  •     character profiles
  •     reviews of past works
  •     prose works
  •     ideas for a great epic journey


Delivery Instructions


Send all components of your proposal email as attachments. Art samples as JPEG or PDF, proposals as PDF or DOC. Make sure that the word “Proposal” appears in the subject line. You are welcome to send us additional links to portfolios or social media for art samples but these on their own will not be accepted.


For the love of Merlin, make sure that your full name and email address are included in the email.


Send all proposals and art samples to